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Bengel Healthcare Enterprise System

Bengel HES is an integration of Healthcare/Hospital Management System and two (2) major essentially related applications. The three main applications form a fully integrated system, while each application is capable of working as standalone.

Addon / Standalone Applications


We offer innovative flexible and user-friendly solutions developed with the highest standard. Continues support and close contact with clients allow us to meet their growing needs.

Cost Saving

HES helps clients save time and reduces the cost of recapturing data from one application to another

Customer Care

Our team of experts dedicated to answering questions and addressing issues expeditiously. HES balances the use of software, hardware, data communication to meet customer needs. We understand the importance of working in harmony to maximize the performance of your organization.

Customized Controls

Our system takes charge of the data essential to your healthcare facility. You can keep track of your work at a glance, assign tasks with a click, share documents with among departments securely, and moreā€”all inside HealthAdm

Easy to Use

Being able to use without much assistance and/or much training (or no training at all). Users work more efficiently and accurately

Enhanced Workflow

Workflow enhancment tools increase the facilites efficiency, allowing staff to more production without adding extra work.

Quick access to information

HES is web/cloud based and accessible on the go, whether in a different country, different office, at an airport or train station, or simply when working from home. Quick access tools allow you access your features and information that you frequently need.

Time saving

Tools to get documentation done quicker thereby reducing the amount of time needed for recording and gives more time for patient care.


  • Cloud Hosting
  • Local Hosting
  • Multiple Locations

General Modules

  • Access Control
  • Administration
  • Messages
  • Miscellaneous
  • Reports
  • System Log